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Who we are + Industry changes


Logistitrade supports all company sizes and features a dedicated change management program that will help you make the most of our online collaboration and optimization solutions.

Specialized in conducting transport and logistics Request For Quotations (RFQ) on your behalf, Logistitrade propose cost-saving solutions for your industry (upstream and downstream).

A clear scope of what kind of logistics services you want is crucial to success, it’s important to understand the quote that you are providing and also take into consideration the additional necessary charges for your business. Be precise in your request, as all rates offered on Logistitrade are fixed and validated for a period of time by the freight forwarders. That means no unexpected charges or invoice disputes.

Using our experience, network, and services, we allow you to perform a full structured RFQ process.

It saves you time, increases quality and reduces your risk.

Overall, it enables you to have the appropriate costs decisions and secure your business. So compare, compare and compare!

Logististrade is fully neutral. We operate and communicate on a confidential and independent basis and are not influenced by any single member.

We deliver benefit for the whole group of team members with no conflict of interest as Logistitrade does not operate any freight businesses.

Swiss-based and privately owned, Logistitrade Sàrl was initiated in 2013 (concept, design, process, industry study,...) by passionate professionals and launched in 2016, with the sole interest to establish Business to Business (B2B) exchanges on a structured basis (as a digital freight marketplace).

Logistitrade also offer consulting services within the transport and logistics industry adapt to your business - just contact us. 

Industry changes... tender communication is no longer a burden!

Over 90 percent of the world's trade is currently carried by sea, and while the freight industry was transformed in the 70s and 80s by the advent of container shipping, its transaction methods are largely not up to date with digital technology.

The problem with the shipping industry is that it remains outdated. It’s a backward, old-school system where shopping around for the best shipping prices means having to deal with countless emails and phone calls. You have no choice but to spend hours upon hours, sometimes days and weeks even, waiting around to receive quotes or chase up on freight forwarders yourself.

Logistitrade has changed this to save you time and money. We have created an online freight costs system to compare and manage like-for-like structured quotes or advice to optimize the value of your supply chain.

Our job is to get you as many proposals from freight forwarders as possible.  We help you compare these and avoid the usual charges that they apply to anything that deviates from their first proposal.

With us, you will easily save much more than without us.

Logistitrade Sàrl is a member of the Swiss Global Enterprise/Expert Directory.

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