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How we work



To receive the contact details of the logistics partner of your choice (selected), the following charges apply:

  • Standard request (one destination): 5 credits
  • Advanced request (multiple routes/destinations): 100 credits
  • Specific or special request (heavy lift; cross-trade, logistics hub; supply chain optimization...): Upon request


Answering to a standard request costs 5 credits, which can be purchased as part of a prepaid package of credits.


While registration on Logistitrade is free, secured transactions are powered by credits, which are available for purchase through Paypal, credit cards or bank transfer (including email notifications and printable invoices).

The minimum purchase is 10 credits, but the more you buy, the more you’ll save.

Unused credits can be applied to future transactions.

10 credits  -  30 USD

20 credits  -  50 USD

30 credits  -  75 USD

40 credits  -  100 USD

50 credits  -  120 USD

100 credits  - 200 USD

200 credits  -  400 USD

500 credits  -  1000 USD